Progress Report

Today I had my first official IVF appointment. From now on, I will bee seeing my doctor every three days. The poor guy works seven days a week! Everything went well. I had an ultrasound done, and my ovaries were looking fabulous. That is what I thought, anyway. I got my blood drawn at the lab, and lucky me- I got the same lady as last time. She said, “Aren’t you the one who fainted last week?”, and I reminded her that no, I ALMOST fainted. She made me sit in the special chair, for fainters. I redeemed myself by not fainting or being squeamish. Since I am going to be seeing her every three days, I am glad we are getting along better.

I made the final payment for the treatment. So far, the grand total is a little over $11,000. Not bad compared to other places. My doctor in Nashville charged $14,000, and her success rate is half as good as my new doctor’s. Of course, the 11 grand does not include the money we spent on all of the tests and treatments prior to IVF.

My next step is to add two new medications to my routine. Tomorrow evening Doug will give me two injections. The first one is Follistim. This drug contains follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and will help my ovaries produce many mature eggs. I can’t believe I am blogging about my ovaries. Too funny. The second drug is called Menopur. This drug has FSH and luteinPhoto_081909_002-1izing hormone (LH). So, Menopur stimulates the production of eggs and hormones. This will bring my total up to three shots a day. Don’t worry, I will be adding more!

Side effects…yeah, I am already having headaches. I might be the tiniest bit moody. Thank God for my new friend, who has been through this process. She had headaches, too. Right now, I am just trying to pamper myself as much as possible. You know, to keep the stress levels down. I am hanging at the pool, eating cookies, reading, taking mid-morning naps, shopping, walking the dogs and watching movies. Just trying to stay relaxed. 😉




  1. JENN Said:

    It gets more exciting every time you post!!! I can’t believe this is all happening!! I couldn’t be happier for you =) I’m glad you found a friend to go through this with and I’m glad you decided to blog about it. XOXO

  2. gloriabethrose Said:

    I love this! It’s informative, funny, and exciting. Helps me live the adventure with you….yes!

  3. Andrea Said:

    Congratulations on beginning the process! What is the chance of multiples? I wish we could see you, now it probably will be forever! Maybe we need a family vacation! 🙂

    • mandiroze Said:

      the chance of twins is slightly higher than having a singleton birth. the chance of 3 or more is much smaller- especially since my doctor considers any more than 2 a failure on his part. i think you need a family vacation to florida next fall. us, too. i will come out to MO this fall, though. next on my list!

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