50 Sticks

That’s right. I have been stuck with needles exactly 50 times in the last 17 days. This evening will bring me up to 52. Yesterday Doug and I added up all the sticks, and now I am keeping track. I am now so desensitized to needles that I do most of my own shots now. Finding a spot on my stomach without a bruise or a track mark is hard, so it is like a game.

This morning I had my last ultrasound before the egg retrieval. Again, my doctor was clear to NOT get my hopes up. I get it, trust me. I get that him sighing and rolling his eyes during the ultrasound means: bad. He said we are going after 3 or 4 eggs, but I am secretly hoping for those other 2 to freaking grow. My doctor gave me even more Follistim and Menopur, so I am still on stimulating drugs. Which reminds me, our new total for this round of IVF is $12, 150.

The egg retrieval has been scheduled for Friday. I wish I had not read a certain IVF blog…that described the needle used to extract the eggs. As big as an arm! I think that should count as more than one stick.

Even though our chances of getting pregnant are very low, Doug and I know we are doing the right thing. We have to give it our best SHOT. Sorry, I am cracking myself up.

Hugs everyone!:)




  1. JENN Said:

    Your jokes concern me…

    GOOD LUCK FRIDAY!!! C’mon eggs!!!!

  2. Michelle Said:

    Pretty soon you will be doing those shots in your sleep 😉 Keep thinking positive… don’t read too much… Just trust the process and don’t freak yourself out. Totally thinking of you guys every day now… all the best for continued egg growing and retrieval!

    • mandiroze Said:

      thanks, michelle!

  3. mandiroze Said:

    MY jokes concern YOU? oh crap!

  4. gloriabethrose Said:

    my heart and soul is with you….Love, Mom

    • mandiroze Said:

      you, too. always:)

  5. Jessica Said:

    Our eggs evidently have some sort of conspiracy going on, mine don’t really seem to want to grow this month either!!! Keeping my fingers crossed. I can’t wait to hear about Friday!!

    • mandiroze Said:

      i promise to blog on friday. should be interesting because i will be on the good drugs. damn egg conspiracy!

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