Just found out we got 2 embryos. We are doing the transfer tomorrow.

At this point, we are just along for the ride. No expectations. This development means my eggs are able to be fertilized, which we were not sure of before. If the IVF does not work, we will probably continue fertility treatments.

I have come to realize that I do not need to have a baby for my life to be complete. I am lucky to have my forever boy and my animals, especially KittyB. DSC01433




  1. Rachel Said:

    Praying, praying, praying for you. Come on, embryos!!!

    • mandiroze Said:

      you too, rachel!

  2. Jenny Manson Said:

    I have my hopes up for you, I can’t help but feel excited. May luck be with you!

    • mandiroze Said:

      Thanks, Jenny! It’s good to be excited:)

  3. Andrea Swearingen Said:

    I’m thinking about you. Good luck, I think you are right, just sit back and don’t stress!

  4. gloriabethrose Said:

    I love this family picture — it is the BEST. And KittyB looks like a female Garfield – don’t you think? Anyway – my heart is hanging out in Savannah hoping …

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