My IVF source was right. The transfer is the worst part. It is a test of endurance. Imagine you have to pee worse than any other time in your life. Then imagine being told to hold it for 45 minutes. Every second is agony! Oh yeah, also imagine you are hanging upside down and someone is pushing on your bladder. That is literally what happens. I’m not going into the rest of it. Trust me!

The doctor said our 2 embryos looked good. So now we wait. I am on bed rest for 24 hours, so email or text me y’all.




  1. romancingthestone Said:

    Dear Mandi, Best of luck to you! I know the feeling. I had a valium last time and it really helped!!!! Wishing you joy and great fertility! Michele

  2. Andrea Said:

    Well, maybe that experience will prepare you for pregnancy! I don’t know about the upside down part though. I’m thinking about you, good luck!

  3. mike Said:

    terrific news. I can’t wait to meet the twins! Labor probably isnt much better than the transfer I would think, especially with TWINS.

    • mandiroze Said:

      oh how i would love a doug and mike 2.0!

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